Clean Energy Storage

Salty is a safe salt water battery that contain sodium-based salt instead of lead, acid or mercury and have no harm to nature and human.

High Performance Energy Storage

Salty, with its special anode technology, has 3 times longer lifetime than other batteries in the market and has a minimum of 5000 cycles with 95% efficiency.


We are leading in the plants service fields.

We are developing our prototype from zero. Now, we are trying to synthesize the anode and cathode.


Long Life Time

Salty provides a lifetime of nearly 5000 cycles with 80% DoD

Safe Usage

It has no explosion risk.

Cost Savings

Thanks to abundancy of Sodium, our batteries are much more affordable than other battery technologies.

Environmentally friendly

It has no harmful effects to environment.


We provide the perfect service for you.

The Saltwater Battery

The main service of Salty is the battery.

Technical Support

We provide a technical support with an additional price.

Long Time Guarantee

Salty provides premium and long time guarentee up to 10 years with an additional cost.


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